App: Apparound

Apparound’s Configure Price Quote solution is built to help sales forces manage products quotations, and orders. The app also includes additional tools for sales performance motivation and tracking.




Apparound provides sales teams access to critical sales information anytime, everywhere on smart phones and tablets.

Apparound can easily be managed from your own back office via a secure web platform with administration console and content management system (CMS).

Apparound modules:

  • Digital Catalogue: distribution of brochures, flyers, price-lists etc. in digital form
  • CPQ (Configure Price Quote): automatic generation of fast, accurate offers
  • Guided Selling: step by step guidance of the sales dialog right through to the final offer
  • Contract generator with e-signature: transformation of accepted offers into legal contracts
  • Contract Authorisation: quick approval of offers straight after the contract is signed Gamification: game elements inside the app, to help increase emotional engagement and motivation of sales agents
  • In app advertising: push notifications about discounts, promotions and new products
  • Survey: set up surveys and collect immediate customer feedback
  • Sales Performance Analytics: collect real time statistics about sales performance, analytics and forecasting

Apparound features:

  • Best-in-class CPQ (Configure. Price. Quote) module
  • Configurable for different products: from cars to insurance & telecom plans
  • Multichannel, multicurrency & multi-language
  • Automated pricing & promotions calculation
  • Up-selling, cross-selling & bundles guidance
  • Real-time KPIs analytics, role-based sales reports • Content-Management-System (CMS)
  • Gamification elements & mechanics
  • Push notifications and In-app advertising
  • CRM and ERP integration (eg. Oracle, SAP, Salesforce etc.)
  • Integration with other tools, modules, widgets