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With AT STORE / mPOS, through their dedicated online portal, merchants can create & run real-time targeted promotions and loyalty campaigns based on spending behaviour. The solution is card-issuer-based.

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AT STORE / mPOS aims at exploiting all the capabilities of mPOS devices by improving customer interactions through the enhanced graphical interfaces mPOS terminals provide. With graphical interfaces, forms and shapes different from the traditional POS terminals, mPOS devices enhance the possibilities to better communicate, enrol and reward customers.

AT STORE / mPOS offers innovative & powerful marketing capabilities to merchants via their point-of-sale payment system. Merchants can set up campaigns via an online portal that will trigger targeted offers to shoppers from transaction & behavioural data analysis. AT STORE / mPOS adapts to any types of merchants, from large retail chains to SMBs.

Real time enrolment:

Customers can engage in the loyalty program directly on the mPOS device by opting-in. They are then automatically recognised when visiting participating merchants.

  • Integrated payment & loyalty: Customers are identified with their payment card and don’t need to carry around loyalty cards. Loyalty conveniently becomes an integral part of payment.

Real-time rewarding:

Customers get recognised and rewarded based on purchase amount, past spending behaviour (Recency, Frequency, Monetary) and other events such as ‘happy hour’ and ‘birthdays’.

  • Full suite of rewards: Customers get rewarded with diverse rewards ranging from instant discounts to coupons.
  • Convenient real-time redemption: Customers enjoy user-friendly and convenient redemption of loyalty or promotional rewards.
  • Pay with e-coupons or points: Customers pay less with cash and more with points and electronic coupons to reduce their final purchase amount.

Thanks to AT STORE / mPOS, Acquirers can develop and monetise value-added services on top of their traditional payment services. They increase retailers’ stickiness to their business, and bring differentiation and innovation versus their competition.