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Zeet enables consumers to receive frictionless digital receipts, which can be sent fully reconciled to any expense software without giving any details to the merchant.

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Zeet custom receipt on AEVI marketplace


Zeet’s solution creates a digital bridge between the merchant and the consumer. Zeet isn’t a payment provider or expense solution but is there to streamline the receipt journey between the merchant and the consumer by linking it to the card payment.

Zeet’s frictionless app works behind the scenes, linking receipts to card payments, with no extra steps in the checkout process. Zeet offers the functionality to retrieve receipts made by simply tapping/swiping the customer’s card and so streamlining returns and customer support.

Business customers

Imagine customer making a purchase for business and the their receipt appears in their expense system, automatically reconciled with complete line by line VAT breakdown. Removing the manual process of expenses is a strong reason for business customer to choose one merchant over another.

Card over cash

By providing real benefits of using card over cash means increasing card usage.


Zeet provides an open API solution to allows the merchant to authorize 3rd parties access to their data so to offer additional services and data insights.


While our initial focus is in automating business expenses, we have some unique concepts in the pipeline that will bring retailers closer to the customer, improve customer experience and drive revenue and sales.

To summarize, we work with existing payment methods and expense/accounting software. We enhance both by giving a reason to use electronic payments over cash and streamlining the receipt process to remove the human element from the receipt’s journey.