App: Easy Order

Easy Orders will speed up the sales process by allowing you to create a menu or inventory and quickly provide a lite-POS to serve customers.


Coming soon.



The Easy Order app is a cash register POS that doubles as an easy to access Menu and Inventory builder for the AEVI system. You can create a menu and use the interface to quickly add items to the order for processing, like a shopping cart dramatically speeding up the order to cash process. The screen will show you twelve items per page and ten pages to choose from.

Each item can be added independently or in multiple quantities. Once you’ve filled up your shopping cart, the checkout process is very simple. You’ll also have a summary of the order displaying at the bottom of the screen for easy reference. The App also allows you to add a tax or a fee to an item for a simple checkout process, giving you the flexibility to add charges or taxes as they need to.