App: Homebase

Homebase is the only tool you need to manage your team. Say goodbye to paper schedules and employees asking “when am I working again?!?” Homebase takes the headache out of labor management with a powerful suite of scheduling, time tracking, messaging and reporting tools. Build an employee schedule in minutes, send text reminders to employees and track clock-ins and breaks directly from our free tools.





FREE Time Clock tools:

  • Clock in, clock out + track breaks
  • Declare cash tips
  • ShiftPic™ photo capture of employee time clock events
  • Payroll-ready timesheet export

FREE Employee Scheduling tools:

  • Send schedule by email + text message
  • Manage time-off requests
  • Handle shift trades
  • Free iPhone + Android apps
  • Employee text reminders one hour before shift

Additional tools are offered with our upgraded packages to save you time and money:

  • Receive advanced notifications for late employees and those approaching overtime
  • Prevent early clock ins, saving ~$200/month per location
  • Forecast sales and labor
  • Department level scheduling and cost-tracking