App: Local Measure

A location-based social media monitoring and customer experience management platform. Discover public content from social networks posted at your location and engage directly from your AEVI Device.




Use Local Measure to find the social media content posted publicly by customers in real time 

With this information business owners are able to learn more about their customers provide bespoke customer experiences, resolve issues and amplify positive sentiment. It can identify customers with high social media following and regular customers. It enables business owners to actively select the best social media posts from customers and republish them on their own websites, mobile applications and digital displays.

  • Location Monitoring: Any content published publically which has either been tagged or appended by the social media user with location on Facebook, Foursquare, Instagram, Twitter or Weiboat that location will be captured and displayed real time.

  • Content Filter: Filter content derived from the location, time, platform, type, social reach, language, hashtag, mention, interaction and keywords. The automated funnels feature can email, tag or route social posts to websites

  • Automated Service Alerts: Set up alerts that can be routed to the relevant team member at local or group level. Pre-set alerts provide notification related to particular groups of customers or when keywords are triggered to offer unique customer service.

  • Direct Engagement: Respond directly to visitors from Local Measure. Detect and translate foreign language posts, like, follow and reply from one screen.

  • Reporting: Daily and/or weekly digest reports highlighting influencers and top posts by engagement.

  • Publishing Suite: A set of tools that allow to moderate content, from each location and publish across digital channels.

  • Content Module (Widget): Responsive grid that can be used across website, mobile sites and Facebook (via plugin).

  • Event Module: Publishing to digital displays and back office screens. Can also be used as a social wall facility for events and conferences.