App: NomadPOS

A standalone point of sale app designed for micro-businesses. Set up products quickly and easily, start selling in minutes, issue receipts and report on sales all in one easy to use, affordable app.




Set up and start selling in minutes

Create your products or services quickly and easily including:

• Name

• Price

• Tax

• Barcode

• Category

Capture sales with lightning speed and accuracy

Add product to the order by:

• Scanning barcodes

• Tapping products

Become fully mobile

Take card or cash payments on the spot Email or print receipts on the go Because payment is integrated with your Point of Sale app, you can issue one single itemised order and payment receipt. Report on sales in real time

Report on sales by:

• Date

• Tender type

• Product category

• Time of day

Display reports directly in NomadPOS or export to a .csv file to analyse further.