App: POPcodes

Merchants get support, services and can order supplies with a push of a button. By opting in to Proof at POS, merchants also can execute promos, redeem loyalty points, and generate proof of purchase.




With POPcodes, Payment Processers can help Merchants save time and money by using their Albert terminal to Get Support, Add Services and Order Supplies with a push of a button.

The services available are defined by the Processor, and each merchant can have a unique set of menus and functions to meet their most frequent and urgent needs. POPcodes verifies the merchant information and triggers an appropriate action (including on-screen or printed information, Emails, or SMS) in seconds. POPcodes can even be connected directly to your Customer Service or Order Management solutions to further streamline process, provide real-time feedback, and improve the merchant experience!

With a simple and secure opt-in, available as an option within PBS, merchants can further benefit from POPcodes’ “Proof @ POS” (POPs). Once their accounts are activated through POPcodes’ Admin Portal, merchants can quickly and easily execute and measure promotional effectiveness across traditional, digital and social marketing channels. With a low monthly subscription fee merchants also get access to POPcodes’ secure API, so merchants can do real-time, one-to-one omni-channel promotions, enable in-store redemption of loyalty points, and securely generate proof of their online purchases!