App: Retail Insight 365

A mobile application to manage multiple aspects of a working day for Store Managers and Field Operations Managers to achieve Payment Card Industry Standard (PCI) compliance checks in Retail Sector.




Retail Insight 365 for PCI DSS & P2PE PIM compliance checking creates an easy to use ‘Working World’ for store, branch and field management staff: organising all PCI PED assurance tasks into paper-free, guided workflow. Scheduled electronic forms are completed in full and on time through RI365’s powerful diary-driven ‘to do’ list and dashboard, with automated reminders and escalation. RI365 delivers labour-efficiencies, operational improvements and a higher level of assurance for compliance across all parts of the enterprise. RI365 manages: * Automatic Daily, Weekly or Quarterly Inspections

  • Central Inventory & Estate Spot Checks
  • Replacement, Commissioning and Decommissioning procedures
  • Awareness & Guidance training for staff
  • QSA audit support
  • Incident management integration in accordance with defined procedures

Forms can vary from fast and simple ‘one-touch’ daily processes to more complex, multi-page forms comprising comprehensive evidence that the checks have been performed correctly.

At the enterprise level – for Head Office and Business Managers – RI365 brings all PCI-P2PE PED Compliance checking activities to one focal point, and creates real-time data analytics, with reports and leader-boards, and auditable trail for QSA and forensic investigations.

The application works in offline mode as well. It automatically syncs data with the backend to ensure data between device and backend is in sync.

Apart from tasks, the user can view store details for stores related to them. Details include fields like store name, address, location on map (using Google Maps), store manager details, graphical representation of current status of tasks assigned to the particular store etc.

The application also provides an in-built calendar view which enables the user to view/filter all tasks on monthly/weekly/daily basis.