AEVI is offering the first open Marketplace to allow merchants to create and manage their own merchant ecosystem. This encompasses a fleet of AEVI enabled devices across payment and non-payment terminals using a variety of applications with different business functions. If your company has developed a solution which can improve merchants lives and is ready to deal with some of the biggest Banks and Acquirers worldwide, get in contact with us!

These are only some of the potential benefits you could see as an AEVI developer:


Gain access to new premium sales channel with AEVI marketplace

Gain access to a new premium sales channel

Get introduced to millions of merchants with AEVI marketplace

Be introduced to millions of merchants


Grow revenue at AEVI marketplace

Exponentially grow revenue


Stand out from the crowd with AEVI marketplace

Stand out from the crowd

expand your business in new territories

Expand your business into new territories

Everything on your own terms with AEVI marketplace

On your terms!


Our community is the perfect way to get access to new sales channels, whilst multiplying and internationalizing your sales force.
Get introduced to thousands of merchants through the world’s leading banks and acquirers.