Retailers come in all shapes and sizes. But they all have in common a focus on customer experience and retention.

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App bundles for small stores

“Keep it simple”

A small store needs a simple and powerful solution to ensure customers keep coming back. Rather than wanting a complicated point of sale system, their priority is an intuitive checkout process.  They want to take payments easily whist  offering incentives for customers to remain loyal.



App bundles for speciality stores

“Improve customer experience”

Stores specializing in one type of product rely on understanding customer needs and providing a good service in order to succeed. Their focus is on understanding how a customer feels about their products and services, creating an intimate shopping experience as well as offering relevant deals and value added services.


App bundles for chain stores and franchises

“Management made easy”

Simplify the complicated process of handling different locations, multiple inventory locations and a distributed workforce. Give merchants the tools they need for full multi-store point of sale, employee management and clear overviews of stock levels. Give them the complete picture with powerful business analytics.


App bundles for department stores

“Go above and beyond”

Stand out from the competition by offering services that ensure the customer experience is unique. Managing appointments for a personal shopping experience and providing concierge services ensures the customer is taken care of from beginning to end.