AEVI’s global marketplace: How does it work

AEVI’s Global Marketplace is a secure ecosystem that combines the flexibility of an open Android based development platform with the high security requirements tied to payment enabled devices. AEVI provides you with the tools and support to develop your app to be used on AEVI Enabled Devices, while offering our banking partners a secure distribution platform to bring apps to their vast merchant base.

Apps in the global marketplace

We work with our app partners to provide vital business requirements to fulfil the needs of merchants. Each app that is put on the Global Marketplace goes through a security check by being vetted before going into production. Banks and acquirers can use the marketplace to provide their merchants with apps to improve their business and enhance customer experience.

AEVI marketplace



Explanation of app bundles in the local marketplace


App bundles for your merchants

Banks and acquirers can select a group of applications based on their individual client’s profile. These pre-loaded app bundles mean that merchants are up and running instantly with their solution.

The local marketplace

Using the local marketplace, banks and acquirers can manage all devices, from set-up through to everyday use and maintenance. They gain instant feedback on terminal use and performance through reporting tools. Install, remove and ensure version compatibility whilst retaining overall control.

Explanation of managing apps in the portal/local marketplace



Once you sign up to the portal you will have access to all of our app content. Banks and acquirers will see more of our offering and developers will discover the steps to become a partner.

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as a app development company you can be part of the AEVI community


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